our   Lady maven




Our Lady Maven is the first in a series of books threading thematic elements through the early, mid, and late WWII time period with a high attention to historic detail both in terms of story and art elements (as well as genuine queer representation) Our Lady Maven spins an exciting fictional narrative without completely rewriting history. 

Many of the dates have even been kept intact in order to keep the plot grounded in truth, even when the story deviates from a factual historical account of the war.

Drawing on the true life story of legendary allied spies & saboteurs, Our Lady Maven examines the events leading up to the foundation of modern geopolitics. Just like in the real world, not all is as it seems at first glance in the world of Our Lady Maven.

The Artists

Creators of Our Lady Maven

Emily Crose (Author)

Emily Crose is a published writer with previous bylines in publications such as Motherboard, and Bustle. Emily has been a fiction writer for years, but Our Lady Maven is the debut of her fiction work. Having worked previously in the US Intelligence Community, she pulls much of the true historic content from documentation, as well as her own experience with the field of intelligence collection.

Sarah Allen Reed (Illustrator)

Sarah Allen Reed is the cartoonist and illustrator behind Tabula Rosetta (BLACKWORK.), The Grizzly: Private Eye (Bear Creek Press), Our Lady Maven, and many others. She currently works providing illustrations and cover art for multiple record labels, publishers, and magazines–including Hexagon Magazine, Fableglade Records, Malarkey Books, Tridroid Records, Band Of Bards, and many others–and her work can be found in multiple collections, both public and private. She currently can be found somewhere in Colorado; although, with everything else in life, this is subject to change. You can find her at  sarahallenreed.com.