Issue 1 Is Going To Print

OLM fans,

We finally made it!! We have fully completed the artwork for issue #1 of Our Lady Maven, and we’re moving on to the print phase of the project! If you have had a chance to see the digital edition already, we hope you like it as much as we do! The next stop for issue 1 is taking it to the print shop.

Digital Edition

If you are one of our Zoop backers, don’t worry! You will not need to wait until the print edition comes back from the print shop to be able to read the finished issue. The digital edition of issue #1 has already been made available to our backers. If you’re having trouble with your copy, please contact and we will correct it right away.

Print Phase

As the name implies, the print phase involves sending all of the printed materials out in high-quality digital format for printing. This not only includes the digital issue, but also all of the supplemental materials due out to our incredible Zoop backers. We expect that the print shop will finish their work on the first issue by the end of next week, but the supplemental materials are still in progress. Those will go to the print shop as well after they are done, and then we’ll move onto the shipping phase.

Thank you

They say that good things come to those who wait. On behalf of the Our Lady Maven creative team, we’d like to thank you for your patience over the last 6 months between the successful completion of our Zoop campaign. We’d also like to thank you for even being here with us. 2023 will have much more content coming as we roll out issue #1 and begin thinking about how to execute the rest of the series. Keep an eye on the blog here for ongoing updates!